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The Green party surge and why its coming from Bristol and all points west

Polls this week put the Greens on 8%, overtaking the Lib Dems for the first time in a decade and providing a clear challenge to Ukip in the east
As a display of political activism in difficult circumstances, it looks very noble: in the midst of grim weather, a dozen or so members of the Green party, gathered around a street stall in the middle of Bristol, doing their best to make the case for…

Dont dismiss public fears about migration as mere bigotry | John Harris

David Camerons angst over Ukip is pushing us towards an EU exit. We need a real debate on free movement
For some people it is all absolutely clear. By indicating that he will somehow try to limit migration to the UK from the rest of the European Union, David Cameron has moved closer than ever to embracing what we now call Brexit the British exit from the EU. In doing so, he has…

Anger Is an Energy review John Lydon’s ‘life uncensored’

The ‘only truly terrifying singer rock’n’roll has ever known’ keeps it honest and defies his own stereotype
In Lipstick Traces, the brilliant "secret history of the 20th century" in which Greil Marcus placed punk rock at the end of a long tradition of subversion and sedition, the Sex Pistols were hailed as immeasurably more than just a four-piece rock group. "It doesn’t seem like a mistake to confuse their moment with a major…

This way to the Brexit: what would happen if Britain left the EU?

Ukip has an MP, and a British exit from Europe once a far-right fantasy looks likelier than ever before. So what would it look like? And would our passports turn blue?
Welcome, once again, to the messy and uncertain future of British politics. On the Essex coast, the UK Independence Party has just won its first parliamentary byelection; in Greater Manchester, they have come within a whisker of snatching a hitherto safe seat from Labour.…

Clacton byelection: the main parties need to hear this roar of defiance | John Harris

From Clacton to Strood, only Ukip seems to speak to voters who feel abandoned, patronised and ignored
A fortnight or so ago, as part of the campaign for this weeks Clacton byelection, Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage addressed a public meeting. The hall where it was held is only a stones throw from Jaywick, the jumble of former holiday chalets and potholed streets that is reckoned to be the poorest council ward…

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