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So you hate the Tories – but what comes next? | John Harris

While Conservatives plan for lasting dominance, the left seems wedded to the pointless protest of the 80s
“We hate Tories, and we hate Tories / We hate Tories, and we hate Tories / We hate Tories, and we hate Tories / We are the Tory haters.”
As a young Labour activist in the 1980s, I marched through Manchester and shouted out that song, and they were doing the same last Sunday. Same chant,…

Can anything stop the Conservatives? – video

At the Tories’ first gathering as the sole party of government for nearly 20 years, a wearied John Harris finds them brimming with the confidence of power. Outside the party conference venue in Manchester, irate marchers protest about the awfulness of Conservative rule while Cameron, Osborne, Boris and the rest carry on regardless. But could they eventually be felled by the Tories’ hidden weakness – the fact that while Corbynmania surges on, the Conservative party…

Seven final thoughts on the Labour party conference | Gaby Hinsliff, Jonathan Freedland, John Harris, Matthew d’Ancona, Owen Jones, Rafael Behr, Martin Kettle

As the conference winds up, our writers address the Ben Okri question, the party’s year zero mentality and Corbynistas v Corbysceptics
There’s been a niggling question in the background at Brighton; call it the Ben Okri question. Jeremy Corbyn quoted the novelist and poet (along with Maya Angelou) and the audience loved it; one fan told me how blissful it was to be led by someone who loved writers like that too. Then an…

Anywhere but Westminster at the Labour conference: Don’t mention the election – video

John Harris spends the week in Brighton with a new-look Labour party at its first national conference since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. Excitement and euphoria are everywhere, but what about the party’s crushing defeat at May’s general election? Can Labour build a movement based on hope and also ask itself some very difficult questions about 21st century Britain?
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Marxism Today: the forgotten visionaries whose ideas could save Labour | John Harris

The best guide to politics in 2015 is a magazine that published its final issue more than two decades ago
In May 1988, a group of around 20 writers and academics spent a weekend at Wortley Hall, a country house north of Sheffield, loudly debating British politics and the state of the world. All drawn from the political left, by that point they were long used to defeat, chiefly at the hands of Margaret…

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