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Is saving Newcastle a mission impossible? | John Harris

Caught between savage cuts and a rising demand for services, Newcastle is at risk of financial collapse. Can its progressive leader Nick Forbes rescue the city from disaster?• Funding crisis leaves Newcastle facing ‘impossible cuts’ and social unrest
Newcastle’s Civic Centre, a grand construction completed in 1967 and formally opened the following year – by King Olav V of Norway, no less – is a monument to civic pride and political ambition. As the headquarters…

Funding crisis leaves Newcastle facing ‘impossible cuts’ and social unrest

Leader of city council says ‘embers of unrest are starting to smoulder’ with many authorities on brink of financial collapse
The long read: is saving Newcastle a mission impossible?

The city of Newcastle is already seeing the first signs of social unrest because of funding cuts that threaten to make provision of many public services “completely untenable” by 2017, the council’s Labour leader has warned.
Nick Forbes, who has run Newcastle city council…

The blame is all Labour’s if it leaks a large chunk of votes to the Greens | John Harris

From Ed Miliband down, the party seems increasingly incoherent and cynical – even nasty
Ed Miliband pitched up at the University of London last week to make a speech hyped up as his comeback. You may have heard bits of it: he warned of the dangers of what he called a “zero-zero economy” (zero-hours contracts for the unfortunate; zero tax for the lucky few), and took issue with Ukip.
“We will be talking…

Love, loss and mixtapes: the Guardian and the Royal Court’s music microplay

Groove Is in the Heart celebrates the ritual of recording a compilation tape in the days before the infinite jukebox of the internet. Director Bijan Sheibani and the Guardian’s John Harris explain how they and the playwright Robin French explored our changing relationship with music and technology
Your mixtape stories: share your memories and pictures
The Royal Court meets the Guardian in microplays series – video
Watch our food microplay, Britain

Farage and the UK Independence Party: the death of Ukip has been greatly exaggerated

Last week a Guardian Live audience debated the future of Ukip and discussed how far the party could go. John Harris says the idea of peak Ukip is fantasy, and were a long way off it yet
During the first seven months of 2014, a convenient fantasy took root among some metropolitan commentators. Whenever the UK Independence Party was the subject of a negative story, there were mutterings about peak Ukip, and the inevitability…

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