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Tesco and Tony Blair: two eras brought low by hubris | John Harris

New Labour and the supermarket rose to power together and, eerily entwined, fell victim to the same delusional thinking
Decades, it is sometimes said, transcend mere numbers. According to the late historian Arthur Marwick, the long 60s stretched from 1958 to 1974. Just to make things that bit more complicated, other people think the period that is shorthanded as the 50s might actually have begun in 1945 and ended in 1962.
The long 90s perhaps…

Sleaford Mods: ‘Most days I’d only have enough money for a Mars bar and a can of Special Brew’

They may be the gobbiest band in the UK just ask Miles Kane but there’s a political fury behind their angry missives
Jason Williamson decides the best place for our interview is a central Nottingham branch of Caffè Nero, where we start talking about the kind of music perhaps a little too soaked in classicism and pastiche for its own good. There follows a brief exchange about Miles Kane, the Wirral-born, Arctic Monkeys-associated,…

The third Scotland won’t be denied – whatever the referendum result | John Harris

Outside Scotland’s two dominant parties a group of radical young voices is blazing a trail for a fresh kind of left politics
The session is titled Seven minutes to Yes. Seven supporters of the organisation Women for Independence take 420 seconds each to explain why they will be voting yes in September’s referendum, by talking not just about politics and ideals but about their own personal stories.
What follows is often very moving:…

Crowdsurfing in the Left Field: politics and debate thrive at Glastonbury

Billy Bragg led a massed tribute to Tony Benn and the stage witnessed its first-ever crowdsurf. It was a vintage year in Glastonbury’s dedicated arena for discussion and dissent
White-hot debate may have raged about the booking of Metallica, but elsewhere at Glastonbury, there was equally passionate discussion focused on things that may be almost as important: politics, history, the good society all that stuff. Debate is one specialism of Billy Bragg’s long-established Left…

Manic Street Preachers: Eurostars find a new strasse

The Manic Street Preachers are going to Glastonbury with a new album, Futurology, that’s full of European influences, from Russian avant-garde and Krautrock to early Simple Minds
See all our Glastonbury 2014 coverage here
It’s a wet weekday night in Brussels. Blacked-out cars are criss-crossing the city as European leaders gather for what amounts to a post-election crisis summit. Nigel Farage will soon be in town, to meet the Italian comedian-turned-politician

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