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Crowdsurfing in the Left Field: politics and debate thrive at Glastonbury

Billy Bragg led a massed tribute to Tony Benn and the stage witnessed its first-ever crowdsurf. It was a vintage year in Glastonbury’s dedicated arena for discussion and dissent
White-hot debate may have raged about the booking of Metallica, but elsewhere at Glastonbury, there was equally passionate discussion focused on things that may be almost as important: politics, history, the good society all that stuff. Debate is one specialism of Billy Bragg’s long-established Left…

Manic Street Preachers: Eurostars find a new strasse

The Manic Street Preachers are going to Glastonbury with a new album, Futurology, that’s full of European influences, from Russian avant-garde and Krautrock to early Simple Minds
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It’s a wet weekday night in Brussels. Blacked-out cars are criss-crossing the city as European leaders gather for what amounts to a post-election crisis summit. Nigel Farage will soon be in town, to meet the Italian comedian-turned-politician

American Interior review a Super Furry Animal heads for the frontier

Gruff Rhys traces an American journey taken by one of his relatives in a book that brims with verve and fascination
The Welsh band Super Furry Animals released their first single in 1996, when the surrounding culture was dominated by so-called Britpop. The song on its A-side was titled "Hometown Unicorn", and by way of indicating that its creators had slightly more adventurous things in mind, it mentioned Franck Fontaine, a Parisian suburbanite…

The crisis in the Labour party goes much deeper than Ed Miliband | John Harris

The party’s senior figures have done little in the past four years to indicate an understanding of the problems besetting its politics
Depending who you listen to, Labour has an Ed Miliband problem, an issue with its "anti-business" attitude, a shortage of what the venerable former Labour attack dog Damian McBride calls "fighters", or some combination of all these difficulties and more. But if action is taken, up to and…

Warpaint, Cate Le Bon, St Vincent and why rock’s future is female

Metallica headline at Glastonbury next weekend, but their testosterone-driven act now looks absurd all the more so when innovators such as California’s Warpaint share the bill
The day I meet them, Warpaint are in London. The next day it’s Manchester. Then there’s an appearance in Mexico City, and a festival in Tennessee, after which they will bounce through Louisville, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and New York. Then comes Glastonbury, followed by outdoor events in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland…

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