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At good old Glastonbury the new politics finds a home | John Harris

Inspired by the likes of Podemos, young politically savvy punters keep the festival true to its radical roots
At 10am on Saturday, I tweeted the details of that day’s debates at the Glastonbury festival’s Left Field: an event titled Feminism Without Borders and another discussion, described in the running order as New Frontiers!, featuring campaigners against fracking, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (also known as the TTIP) and the war being…

End of the party: how police and councils are calling time on Britain’s nightlife

From London’s Vibe Bar to the Arches in Glasgow, some of the UK’s most popular bars and clubs are closing in the face of ever-more stringent licensing rules – but the entrepreneurs behind them won’t go down without a fight
“It started two years ago. We’d been in business two decades, working with planners, licensing authorities, and the police. But then all these weird things started happening.”
Alan Miller, a 44-year-old serial entrepreneur and devoted…

Musicians and writers choose their favourite book about music

Elvis as a young man, the size of Mick Jagger’s genitalia, Kristin Hersh’s miracle year, Berlioz in love … As festivalgoers crowd the stages at Glastonbury, Brian Eno, Beck, Lavinia Greenlaw, James Wood and a host of other stars select their favourite books about rock, pop, jazz and classical
Without resorting to cliche, Lipstick Traces is the band’s Holy Bible; our cultural equivalent of the Good Book
Keith Richards is a rock’n’roll lifer who never…

Original Rockers by Richard King review – Massive Attack and the Bristol music scene

The stories of the city’s musicians are tangled up with the rise and fall of Revolver, the record shop in the Clifton neighbourhood to which this book pays tribute
In 1933, JB Priestley arrived in Bristol, chiefly aware that it was “somewhere in size between Leeds and Bradford”, and expecting “the usual vast dingy dormitory”. In English Journey, he rhapsodises about the very different urban expanse he found: “a genuine city, an ancient metropolis. And…

Further education provides a lifeline. But try telling the government that | John Harris

The gilded cage of Westminster appears to regard FE colleges and the skills they offer as irrelevant. To cut would be both destructive and counterproductive
Conservatives must currently be thrilled with the state of the English education debate. The fact that tuition fees were such a prominent part of the Labour platform back in May seems to have quietened that issue, and with it, grave concerns about the huge cultural and professional changes sweeping through…

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