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What makes a perfect Ukip target seat?

Nigel Farage has earmarked 12 constituencies for takeover at the 2015 general election from marginalised east-coast boroughs to a Tory stronghold on the HS2 route
Nigel Farage is fond of talking about the prospect of a "political earthquake". He reckoned that Ukip coming first in this year’s European elections was worthy of the higher end of the Richter scale, and we now know where the next tremors might originate: 12 constituencies targeted by Ukip for…

On terrorism, David Cameron is reading from the Blair script | John Harris

Yet again our leaders are warning of the threat to our way of life while simultaneously chipping away at its foundations
Britains response to the rise of Islamic State may look like a mess of ambivalence, hesitation and all-round cluelessness for which the prime ministers antics with that surfboard probably stand as some kind of grim metaphor. But at the core of our politicians reaction to events in Syria and Iraq and the recruitment…

Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany by David Stubbs review

The emergence of krautrock was one of postwar culture’s most spectacular blossomings
It is a truth too little acknowledged, but surely incontestable: rock music, during its 40-year era (1954 to 1994, roughly its most obvious bookends are the first Elvis Presley single and the suicide of Kurt Cobain), had its roots in the second world war. Certainly, in Britain, its pioneers members of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who were almost all war babies, driven…

Kate Bush makes a valiant stand in the battle of transcendence v smartphones | John Harris

Argument is raging between those who see concerts as collective film shoots and those who just want to lose themselves. I know whose side Im on
On 1 June 1993, I was fortunate enough to be at the first public performance by the reunited Velvet Underground, at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Within months, Lou Reed would be leading his old comrades into support slots with U2 and giving the impression of a…

Ukip has not gone away dont be fooled by the lull | John Harris

Labour has a very real problem with Farages party, but posturing on immigration will do little to win back supporters
David Cameron is pursuing his interest in fish markets; Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have been acting up about Gaza. Where is Nigel Farage? After Ukips spectacular showing in Mays local and European elections, one might have expected it to leap into a frantic summer. Instead, it has gone quiet, feeding an uneasy sense…

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