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Election 2015: Cleggy Cleggy Cleggy, out out out? – video

John Harris meets Nick Clegg in the Liberal Democrat leader’s seat of Sheffield Hallam, and witnesses a surreal political battle. Local students are furious at the Lib Dems over their broken promise on tuition fees; Labour claim to be on the march; and Clegg is accused of ducking public debate. One big question hangs over everything: could the deputy prime minister lose his seat? Continue reading…

Anarchy in the UK: 35 years of fanatics and firebrands at Speakers’ Corner

Before Twitter, Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park was where idealists, eccentrics and firebrands went to hold forth. John Harris on a new photobook that celebrates this peculiarly British bastion of free speech

Soapbox superstars: 35 years at Speakers’ Corner – in pictures

Seventy years ago, George Orwell wrote about the gatherings that took place at a particularly iconic area of Hyde Park. “I have listened there to Indian nationalists,” he said, “temperance…

Election 2015: fear and loathing in Farageland – video

In Boston, Lincolnshire, a key Ukip target seat, John Harris meets Nigel Farage, picks daffodils alongside East European migrants – and learns how a combination of immigration, exploitation, low wages and sky-high rents has created huge local anger. Here, Britain’s most insurgent new party seems to be defying talk of a slump, offering simple answers, and attracting big local support. But is the failure of politics and economics in east England more complicated than Ukip…

A tale of two Kensingtons: London and Liverpool … and the election’s inequality gap – video

Kensington, one of the poorest parts of Liverpool, fears three more years of Tory austerity and the closure of its Sure Start centre. Its namesake in London could be hit by Labour’s mansion tax and its abolition of non-dom tax status. John Harris starts his general election campaign road-trip by taking the temperature in two wildly different parts of Britain
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Cheshire seems like George Osborne’s utopia – until you look closely | John Harris

In the latest of our pre-election series, back in the chancellor’s constituency, food banks have appeared amid the footballers’ Bentleys and newbuild mansions
Two signifiers for wealth hit you the instant you arrive in Alderley Edge, Cheshire: property and parking. The latter is not just a big local issue, but a byword for the arrogance that often comes with money. On the condition that he remains anonymous, one passerby tells me about the flash cars…

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