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Labour is in deep crisis – and trite guff won’t save it | John Harris

The party’s leadership contenders seem unaware of the size of the task ahead of them, and what is required to tackle profound long-term social change
Jonathan Powell, it would seem, is a very clever man. Tony Blair’s chief of staff between 1995 and 2007 poured what he learned into an acclaimed book about statecraft titled The New Machiavelli. He was the government’s chief negotiator in the Northern Ireland peace process, and now serves as…

‘It was a classic case of naive creatives, not protecting what they’d got’

Shindig!’s Jon Mills and Andy Morten on the perils of striking a magazine publishing deal without the proper paperwork
Just before Easter, Jon Mills and Andy Morten signed off the 47th issue of Shindig!, the music magazine the two of them have been producing for around 20 years. Although relations with their independent publisher had taken a strained turn, the two of them were gearing up for issues 48 and 49 before going on holiday.…

General election: charting the SNP’s political earthquake in Scotland – video

In the final video of his Election 2015 series, John Harris experiences election night mayhem in Glasgow, as the SNP wins seat after seat and Labour effectively undergoes total wipe-out. Voters talk about their mood of hope, Nicola Sturgeon tells him about her message for lefties in England, and he ends up in nearby Coatbridge, the constituency snatched from Labour on a 36% swing. Finally, he sets off home with a new mission: in this…

Election night 2015 – as it happened

This liveblog is closed. Please click here for the latest election live coverage

‘Ed Miliband’s future in the balance’ – senior Labour figures
The winners and the losers
Lib Dems brace for a bad night
Douglas Alexander loses seat to 20-year-old SNP candidate

6.38am BST
We’re closing this blog now, and we will carry on covering the remaining election results, and the reaction – including the likely resignation of Nick…

The view from Middle England: ‘If the Scottish get in with Labour … we’re done for’ – video

For his final pre-election report, John Harris hits the knife-edge Tory/Labour marginal of Nuneaton – one of the small number of Middle English seats that will decide which party forms the next government. There’s a huge billboard of Alex Salmond in the town centre, and as well as the usual talk about immigration and welfare, the streets are alive with nervous chatter about the SNP supposedly coming for England’s money. But as Labour sticks to…

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