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The Jeremy Corbyn effect: ‘Jez we can’ – video

From one of the summer’s big gatherings of the left, the Tolpuddle festival, to the streets of marginal Bedford and a big campaign rally in Luton, John Harris charts the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and his effect on politics. He finds a political world where everything is suddenly turned upside down, and where anything is possible Continue reading…

What Jeremy Corbyn offers his supporters is clarity | John Harris

The under-30s are drawn to this Labour leadership contender by human factors: qualities that are as much about tone as content – and made a Tuesday night in Luton electric
Around once a year now, something bubbles to the surface that shows how broken mainstream politics has become. Sometimes these things endure; often they fizzle out. But from the brief season of Cleggmania, through the on-off rise of Ukip and the so-called “green surge”, to…

‘They want more than we did’ – how the Tories made age our biggest divide

The budget was hailed as a stroke of political genius – but its critics say it was a brazen defence of the old at the expense of the young. So are pensioners the only voters worth fighting for? And if so, what will become of their grandchildren?
It’s a Thursday morning in Christchurch, Dorset, and in its own way, the scene in the centre of town looks idyllic. The number of cafes – which include…

Who should Labour speak for now? | John Harris

Labour 2020: In the first of a week-long series looking at the questions Labour will need to answer if it’s to win power at the next election, we begin with the state of the party itself – and who it is there to represent
For the past five years, I have spent a lot of time visiting Labour’s old heartlands. And in the south Welsh valleys, the English north-east and the central belt

The strange death of the Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems are hoping the announcement of their new leader this week will be the start of their fightback. But after an election in which they took just 8% of the vote, and even Vince Cable lost his seat, some insiders worry that voters have stopped listening. Is the malaise terminal?
Vince Cable has just hosted a farewell lunch for the former staff of his constituency office. “I’ve got quite a lot of things…

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